Friday, June 29, 2012

Summertime for cycleUshare

It's been a while since the last post. The badly outdated "solar station not yet running" post was a little misleading. We're running, still dealing with a power-hog computer running down our solar capacity. We've developed an intermediate fix in the meantime. Now that we have some breathing room this summer, we're working on longer term fixes for the system.

This summer we have some big plans. First and foremost, we're pushing through with a true version 2.0 on the software (changing from Labview to C++), which is also going to include a big hardware redesign. Our prototypes work well enough to help us understand things we want to change and now we're pushing to get something that is a little more efficient and user friendly and hopefully more robust. We're redesigning all of our electronics to go along with it too, so that we'll have a scalable, reproducible solution. This should mean big changes for our system and our capability to expand beyond UT. We've got a bunch of places knocking on our door and now we'll have something to share.

Our second big change is, with the help of UT's communication office, we're updating our signage and logo's first you'll see some new signs out at the solar station. Some of our new logos are here. This went along with our website redesign that is hopefully a little more informative and up-to-date. Now that we're getting in a year's worth of data, look for some more research papers coming out of this system!